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[New in 2020] Top Raksha Bandhan Lines in English | Rakhi Status in English

 Raksha Bandhan Lines in English

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Dosto Agar app Raksha Bandhan Lines in English ki talash kr rhe hai to app ek dum shi jgah par aaye hai. apko yha par bhut bdia Raksha Bandhan Lines in English padhne ko milegi sbse ek dum hatke vali.

In Shayari ko aap aasani se copy krke apni photo ke caption me daal skte hai or Social Media par be upload kr skte hai. To chaliye shuru krte hai Raksha Bandhan Lines in English, Hume Comment krke jrur btaye ki yeh Raksha Bandhan Lines in English apko kaisi lgi. 

Raksha Bandhan lines in English :

* A Divine Bond of Love,
 care and protection.
 Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* Thank you for all the love,
  care and support.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* Dear Brother,
  May God bless you with a lot of
  happiness, health, and wealth.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* Sky is Blue, Feel this Hue,
  My love is always for you Bhaiya.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

rakhi images with shayari

* Happy Rakhi to the 
  sweetest brother
  in the world with
  lots of love.

* Friends come and go,
  but my dear brother,
  are always there.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* Dear Bhaiya
  You are my Best Friend
  My Strength, My Mentor
  My Teacher, My everything
  Thank you for everything!
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* Dear Sister,
  I promise to protect you
  From the Evil,
  Support You in Tough Times,
  Care for You Always,
  Love you Always.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* Rakhi is a thread that 
  binds two souls in a
  bond of love and joy forever.
  Happy Rakhi!

* We lose somethings and
  we gain some but
  I am the one whom
  you will never lose.
  I will forever be by your side.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* My dearest brother,
  May each day in your life is
  filled with immense and prosperity.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Rakhi Shayari for Sister :

* I am lucky to have a Brother Like you,
  There’s a wonderful bond
  between You and Me.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* I may search the world over,
  there could not be a better
  brother than you.
  Happy Rakhi Brother!

* I pray to God that may our bond of
  love continues to grow stronger.
  Happy Rakhi!

* Thank you for your friendship,
  love, and support. You encourage
  me to be my best, and 
  I admire your character.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

rakhi images with shayari

* I’m proud of all that you have
  accomplished in your life.
  I will continue to wish you the best,
  I know you will continue with more success.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* Having a brother like you is the
  most wonderful feeling in the world.
  I am so lucky to have you my Bhaiya!
  Happy Raksha Bandhan to you!

* Dear Bhaiya,
  While I tie this rakhi,
  I pray to God that you are in good health
  You are blessed with lots of happiness.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan to you!

* Dear sister, I promise to you that
  I will forever guard you
  from all kinds of evil and promise to
  be there for you whenever you need me.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* There is no other love like the love for a bro.
  There’s no other love like the love from a brother.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* I am grateful to have you as my brother.
  I pray that you will be blessed 
in all the important areas of your life.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Virtual Rakhi Message :

* A day of celebration a bond of a lifetime.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* I wish to God that
  the bond we share grows
  even stronger today giving
  you all my love and Best Wishes.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan to my sweet sister!

* My dear brother,
  you are one of the most
  precious gifts sent by God.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

rakhi images with shayari

* On this auspicious festival,
  may all your dreams and wishes come true.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan to my Sweet Sister!

* Our togetherness is like an invisible thread
  which is bound by our love.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* I have lots of friends in my life,
  But no one is close to me as close are you
  No one supports me as much as you do
  I am very grateful to have you as my sister.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan to you!

* I have the loveliest and sweetest
  brother in this world.
  Thanks for being the best one.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* Raksha Bandhan is the best,
  an occasion to cherish the sweet,
  memories that we have spent together.
  Thanks for coming into my life and 
making it so beautiful and meaningful.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* Dear Sister,
  Our love holds us together,
  It reminds us where we come from,
  how important we are for each other,
  You are a blessing in my life.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* Having a brother like you makes
  me feel safe in this world.
  I know I can turn to you if I need help.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* I have never expressed
  my deep affection for you.
  I am glad that Raksha Bandhan
  gives me a golden opportunity
  to tell you that
  I love you very much.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Raksha Bandhan Lines in English for Brother :

* On this Raksha Bandhan,
  As you tie rakhi on my wrist, 
  I will promise to protect 
  you always and forever. 
  Happy Raksha Bandhan to you my Sister!

* You are the most
  Precious jewel
  In my treasure box
  I am very lucky
  To have you as brother
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* You are my best friend who
  has always been there for me. 
  I know that whenever I need you,
  you will always be there for me.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

rakhi images with shayari

* Dear Brother,
  We have always looked out for each other,
  Even when life led us to different paths,
  Still, our love binds us together,
  Reminding us where we came from,
  And our worth for each other,
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* A brother is a friend God gave you.
  A friend is a brother 
your heart chose for you.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* I miss those old times
  when you used to scold me
  for something wrong that I did
  You are always there for me
  Making me stronger to face my problems
  Thank you for your efforts, brother
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* Dearest Sister,
  I am so lucky to have you
  as a sis in my life. I am blessed with
  a very wonderful person like you who
  have always extended her love and support
  in my tough times.
  Thanks for everything sister. 
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* The Rakhi can be cut easily,
  but our bond is built on the
  a strong foundation of history.
  We go back together all the 
  way to the beginning. 
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* She is always caring for me,
  She can understand me like no one else
  She can feel my pain like nobody else can
  She is my sister and she is the best!
  Here's wishing you Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* The loving occasion of
  Raksha Bandhan is the best time. 
  We have spent a wonderful moment together.
  Thanks for spreading smiles everywhere 
and making life so meaningful and happy!
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

* I am very blessed to have
  wonderful sister likes you.
  Thanks for giving me all the sweet memories.
  You are my support system 
and my pillar of strength.
  I cannot imagine a life without you.
  Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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